Computer components

Computers are built up with a series of key components which without the computer would not work at all. The case of the computer contains a motherboard, it is where all the microprocessor, the Ram memory and the drive controllers are reside. Other cards are also fitted into this board such as the video, sound and networking cards. The microprocessor is basically the brain of your computer, it is where everything takes place. It controls the commands and various operations of your computer. RAM is powerfull short terme memory, because the RAM  is instant memory the more you have the faster your computer will be, this means it will be able to complete more tasks simultaneously. The information stored in the RAM will be lost upon reboot. You can manually add RAM to your computer to speed it up. The Drive controllers controls all your hardware. There is also obviously a power supply, which powers each component.

The computer also has one or several hard disk drives, this is the permanent memory of your computer. This is where you operating system is installed and where all your softwares and programs are installed. You will also store all you data and documents on your hard drive.  It is a very fragile component and should done be submitted to shocks. Then there is also a CD-Rom drive, to read and burn CD’s, a Floppy drive, which is a small disk storage, you can also have other drives such as DVD device, to view DVD’s.

Because all the components are mechanical and use electricity they will heat up, and in order for them not to over heat and then burn or stop functioning correctly the computer also has one or several ventilators, to keep the case cool and fresh.

Then there is the components that are visible to you, such as the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse, with which you use to control the computer.

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