Eat – designs: Gaining New Clients with Eye-Catchers

Adds can help your business

Adds can compliment your business and help you gain potentiel clients. To achieve this you need original designs which catch the eye and will be remembered. First of all you need to find a catchy slogan which is simple and short but at the same time exact and very effective. If you cannot come up with one you can contact certain agencies which can find several for you. It also needs to be specific in order to target the correct customers. Then you would need to decide on which sort of design you want on you add, will it be a simple abstract background with your add and slogan ? Or you could have photos or images representing your business area or your product and offer. You need to keep in mind that people do not look very long at an add, therefore it needs to be really effectiv in order for them to remember it although they only had a quick glance. And they need to understand your message and offers quickly.

Important choice

Another important thing is the format you are going to choice for your add. To decide you need to know where it is going to be used and how. For example is it going to be used on the web on in newspapers, if you are going to have it printed out you might consider smaller formats as it will cost less. While if your are mainly going to use it on the internet you can without hesitation have a much bigger format, as the webspace is free. Although you should not flood you website with adds otherwise people will not be pleased with such advertising spam and might lose interest in your website.

Respect certain codes

There are also certain codes that should be respected, for example color codes, certain colors do not fit well together. And each color can have a different signification and express a different feeling. Such as red is often related to blood, hate, anger, fights and is there for a more aggressive color. In contradiction to blue which felt as peaceful, calme and relaxing. It is no wander then that most Car logos are blue : BMW, Ford, VW, Peugeot, FIAT, Subaru. And all the brands such as Ferrari, Abarth, Maserati are more bright and aggressive colors because theys are fast cars. Therefore if you are advertising sleeping piles it would be disadvised to use red, as sleeping is viewed as peaceful activity and a peaceful periode.

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