Wireless network

It is a network of computer which are not connected to each other via a physical cable or link of any sort. Telecommunications networks and many big companies use this methode a lot, since it enables them to cut down costs of installing a cable network in an entire building or even between several locations. A known phyisial effect is used for such connection, the wireless networks use radio waves to transmit information.

Since the development of this system it has continued to grow especially since 2010. Wireless networks are now also used in mobile phones, they have become part of the everyday network, this enables to quickly and easily communicate via the internet. Another example is that the Inter-continental network systems use radio satellites to communicate across the world. The police, firemen. Ambulances etc use such networks communicate effectively as and transmit crucial information within secondes. Individuals and businesses use wireless networks as well, often to send and share data, such as thoughts, messages, documents, videos etc rapidly, whether it be in a small office building, to a friend or across the world.

It has become widely spread, and most televison and computer related devices use wireless networks now to communicate. Some big Japanese car industries are actually looking into getting cars to communicate with each user through such networks. There objectiv is to create a car which would be like a friend and help you out.


Wi-Fi is actual a trademark but is term commonly used. Devices such as a personal computer, video game console, smartphone, and digital audio player can be wifi enabled, which means they can connect to the Internet when they are in range of a wireless network internet connection. Due to it’s great practicallity there are now many hot spots which are free access points offered in public areas, often in hotels, caffees, bars etc. The area is generally limited to the size of a few rooms but may also be expanded with bigger and more emitters to cover many square kilometers, this is achievedwith a big number of over laping wireless connections.

If you have a wifi connection at home you should have it protected with an encryption code. Otherwise all youre neighbours will be able to use it as well, and that will slow the connection down and you might have to pay more. They could also do illegal activities which then will appear to have been done by you.

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