Computer cooling systems

Your computer is composed of several components which all consume electricity, therefore they produce heat. The longer the computer is on and working the more they will heat up. After a certain temperature they could not function correctly anymore or even burn. This is due to physical limits of the materials used for the equippement. To avoid your computer from over heating you need a cooling system. It is required to remove the heat “waste” and to keep the components at there operating temperature limits. Several methods exist to cool the computer down and improve the processor. The basic system is a fan with is mounted at the back of your computer. There might also be a fan on the motherboard to keep it cool. These are basic and already installed on your computer when you buy it. These fans cool the air and eject the excess heat. You should not put anything behind the fans, this would cause over heating and could set fire to the obstruction.

There is an other methode which more effectiv but more “geeky” and expensive. It is called water cooling. There are several ways to do this. Either the computer is fitted with a network of pipes and pumps full of cold liquide, this then cools down each component and gets ride of the heat. Watercooling is a method often used by gamers who have overclocked there components and it is very important that they stay cool because they will heat up much faster. The other way is to have each component completly submerged in thermally conductive liquide, this is more effectiv as the covered surface is bigger. But they are more risks, if the component has a default or breaks the liquide coud leak into it and damaging it. The liquide supply would also need to be contantly changed in case of evaporation.

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